Compendium of Reforms

Compendium of Reforms


Odisha has always endeavoured to provide a hassle-free business environment to investors. To ensure this environment, a number of Notification have been carried out by various Departments of the State Government in the recent past. 

Although the information about the Notification undertaken and the related notifications is available in the public domain, a need was felt to compile all the recent Government notifications, orders and circulars in a single document which could be referred to by the 
existing and potential investors.

Additionally, a number of technological interventions have also been carried out by the State Government such as the integration of business related services with the e Biz portal. Odisha is the first state in India to launch a synchronized Central Inspection Framework for all industrial establishments. To resolve any investor queries post allotment of land by IDCO, an online Automated Post Allotment Application (APAA) has been launched. The information about all these interventions is available on the Invest Odisha Website (

An Investors' Guide (available on: has been prepared which describes the various Notification undertaken by the State for Ease of Doing Business and provides step-by-step information on setting up a business in the State. This compendium of Government notifications/circulars/orders has been prepared to complement the Investors'  Guide and should be read in conjunction with the same.

Notification / Orders

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Sl# Department Service Letter/Notification No Start Date Download
1 Energy

Notification for fixed costing based on load required.

ENG-RR-RR-0003-2017/10478 04-12-2019
2 Labour and ESI

Notification eliminating the requirement of Renewal of registration under Registration under The Shops and Establishment Act (including 365 days license)

3381-LL-IICHL-15/2018/LESI 13-06-2019
3 Labour and ESI

Notification for elimination of the requirement of renewal of registration or allow auto-renewal under Renewal of Factories Registration under The Factories Act, 1948

LESI-LL2-FM-0010-2019-6146/LESI 27-11-2020
4 Labour and ESI

Notification eliminating the provision which poses restrictions on women to work in night shift to ensure 24*7 working for females.

8957 31-10-2022
5 Labour and ESI

Notification mandating online filing of single integrated return under all the labour laws applicable in the State/UT

5457 28-10-2020
6 Labour and ESI

Notification ensuring safety conditions are prescribed in line with the provision made in the OSH Code which permits women to work at night and in all occupations subject to their consent.

8965 31-10-2022
7 Labour and ESI

Notification allowing self-certification/ third party certification instead of Departmental inspections under all the labour laws and The Factories Act, 1948. Defining the criteria for recognition of third-party agencies/individuals and publish a list on the Department/board portal.

8620 17-06-2016
8 Labour and ESI

Notification ensuring that the final registration is granted within one day from the date of application.

4957 30-03-2016
9 Labour and ESI

Notification eliminating the requirement of Inspection prior to registration

6404 09-06-2017
10 Labour and ESI

Notification for delegation of authority to approve extension plans and renew factory licenses to Deputy Directors

945 19-06-2015
11 Labour and ESI

Introduce a provision for issuing Factory License and all subsequent renewals with validity of 10 years or more

3372 29-04-2016
12 Labour and ESI

Order with provision for Third Party Audit under Factories Act and all applicable Labour Laws for industries

8620 17-06-2016
13 Labour and ESI

Notification for inspection report submission within 48 hours

4957 30-03-2016
14 Labour and ESI

Order mandating that the same inspector will not inspect the same establishment in consecutive inspections

10652 19-12-2015
15 Labour and ESI

Notification for Composite Inspection Scheme

3534 22-04-2015
16 Labour and ESI

Notification for delegation of authority to issue certificate of stability in respect of buildings and structures to Executive Engineers

1347 24-09-2015
17 Labour and ESI

Notification for delegation of authority to approve plans, renew factory licenses, renew certificate of recognition of competent persons and approve steam pipeline drawings to Joint Directors

9744 23-07-2013
18 Labour and ESI

Notification for '5 years' & '10 years' term license renewal for factories.

3372 29-04-2016
19 Labour and ESI

Notification for mandatory submission of combined annual return amended under Rule 25 of Odisha Shops and Commercial Establishments (amended) Rules, 2009

423 23-03-2009
20 Labour and ESI

Notification for third party certification of Boilers

884 04-06-2015