Export Policy 2022


The Odisha Export Policy is a proactive initiative to take Odisha to the league of the top 5 exporting States of the country. The State exports have grown by 7.53 percent from 2018-19 (Rs.48,119.60 crore) to 2019-20 (Rs. 51,742.32 crore) in 2019-20 and again by 55.42 percent in 2020-21 to Rs. 80,419.33 crores. Odisha continues to be on a high growth trajectory.

The export turnover of Odisha has more than doubled during the last five fiscal years (2017-2022) and shown growth of 58.17 percent during the last financial year despite the adverse impact of Covid- 19 and a global pandemic. Odisha also aims to achieve a target of Rs 3.5 lakh crore exports by 2026-27. With each passing year, the State has recorded significant growth in the export sector. The efforts and resilience of the export fraternity have ensured consistent growth in exports.

Historically Odisha's exports are Mineral & Metal Products. However, in the last decade, the export of other products has shown immense growth potential. The export of Marine products and services has made remarkable strides, in addition to the export of Agri products, Horticulture, Handicrafts, Handlooms, and Chemical and Allied sectors. The Government of Odisha is leaving no stone unturned to enhance the export landscape through adequate Infrastructure support and a robust Policy framework. IT & ITES have also been a vital domain in recent years and the govt has focused on the growth of this sector through various initiatives.

The Odisha Export Policy provides a roadmap and framework to promote exports of Goods and Services, employment generation, and value addition in line with the "Make in India" program. It aims to address the evolving and dynamic changes in the International Trade landscape and meet global challenges and surmounting trade barriers. Exports are an indispensable tool for the growth of GSDP and overall economic growth. There has been a concerted e-ort to make the Odisha Export Policy concurrent with Foreign Trade Policy 2022-2027 with periodic reviews and updates.


To take Odisha to the league of the top five exporting States of India.


To achieve an export target of Rs.3.5 lakh crore by 2026-27


The Export Policy-2022 is aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Facilitate incremental growth of export of products identified in the focus sectors
  • Promote product diversification through value addition
  • Promote initiatives to enhance product quality & standards and support certification of products exported from the State
  • Promote market diversification with a special focus on access to new markets
  • Promote skill development and capacity building to improve the competitiveness of the export units
  • Promote entrepreneurship in the field of exports
  • Facilitate Whole-of-Government approach to improve export competitiveness of the State
  • Facilitate regulatory reforms to improve ease of exporting
  • Facilitate the development of trade infrastructure in the State
Incentive Name Incentive Particulars
Export Development Assistance Scheme Eligibility Details
International Exhibitions/ Trade fairs taking place in India and Abroad
  • MSME exporters registered with the concerned DIC/ Merchant exporters having annual turnover of less than Rs. 5 Crore
  • MSME exporters with valid IEC numbers (active or renewed), UAM registration, and/ or Exporters/ Merchants Exporters
  • Having a Valid Passport
  • The state Govt shall select the product-specific International Trade Fairs/exhibitions for participation based on the inputs received by DGFT and export promotion councils
  • The stall rent for the selected exporters will be borne by the State Government
  • Selected exporters sponsored for participation in the trade fair shall be provided travel expenses in respect of not more than one person for a firm subject to 50% of the total air fare in the economy class limited to 50,00
Support to delegations from the state of Odisha to other countries The delegation comprising representatives from the state Govt and private sector, visiting other countries for trade-related consultations with a similar delegation abroad will be supported by this scheme when such a visit is facilitated/ planned in consultation with Indian diplomatic missions to explore new markets The delegate shall be provided travel expenses in respect of not more than one person for a firm subject to 50% of the total air fare in the economy class limited to Rs 50,000/-
  • The scheme will be administered by Director, EP&M
  • Exporting company can avail the benefit of one exhibition (international or domestic) and one buyer-seller meet(international or domestic) in one financial year
  • Exporting organizations availing travel support from Govt. of India under a similar scheme shall not be eligible for the above-mentioned state incentives
  • Selection of the exporters for participating in the international Trade fair shall be made by a committee constituted by Govt
  • Any other condition as and when approved under this policy
Reimbursement of RCMC Fees/ Charges Scheme Eligibility Details
A one-time reimbursement of the Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) charges/ fee paid by the first-time exporter to relevant Export Promotion councils Up to Rs 40,000/-
  • Updated EIC code not more than 02 years old.
  • RCMC fee receipt (with GST invoice)
  • RCMC (Attested Copy)
  • Company & Product Profile (Max 03 Products)
The scheme will be administered by Director, EP&M
Reimbursement of cost of Organic Certification, Quality Certification One-time reimbursement shall be available for obtaining organic certification, and quality certification@ 50% of the total outlay subject to a ceiling of Rs.10 lakh.
Reimbursement of Cost incurred in obtaining Organic Certification One-time reimbursement of 50% of the cost incurred in obtaining quality certification for manufacturing processes or any other certification for export (compulsory markings such as Conformity European (CE), China Compulsory Certificates (CCC), etc), issued by any Government agency or any agency authorized by Central or Govt of Odisha, subject to a ceiling of Rs. 50,000.
Reimbursement of cost of testing certification Reimbursement for obtaining testing certification @ 50% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.10,000/- per export shipment
Reimbursement of the cost incurred towards country specific Certification Reimbursement of the cost incurred by an exporter for the first 3 years towards country specific Certification & Quality Standards for a new product/value-added product, exported to a virgin market @ 50% of the cost incurred towards certification subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10,000/- per export shipment.